Talking Control of Your Health

In my history with football, high school, college and the NFL; I wore the number 13. Some may have felt it was un-lucky. I beg to differ. In my career I was not unlucky but moreso blessed. I was fortunate to really learn the sport from who many consider was the greatest coach in football – Vincent Lombardi. Through Vince and others I have met, worked with and competed against, I have learned life lessons that have remained with me for decades. It is  much more than a halfback option, an effective hand-off or a sixty-yard touchdown pass. Championship form consists of being able to understand your strengths, recognize your vulnerabilities and having a winning plan.
It is knowing how your opponent plans to attack you and ideally how you can prevent the assault before it happens. Championship form also includes striving to get ahead and remain ahead of the challenge instead of trying to play catch-up. It’s being confident in yourself and assuming responsibility for yourself. Proactivity has typically proven itself more effective than trying to engage in damage control. 

The same approach applies to becoming and staying healthy. It’s about proactivity and having a winning game plan. That is why I support  "MOVEMENT FOR GLOBAL HEALTH". Staying ahead of illness and remaining healthy.

Approach your life and health challenges by having a great game plan. Ensure that your defense is as good as your offense. Know as much as you can about your opponent  whether it is a challenger on the field or an illness attempting to invade your life. Do it with pride, dignity, and effectiveness without compromising your values or integrity. That is what constitutes championship form.

I encourage you to incorporate  "MOVEMENT FOR GLOBAL HEALTH "  into your life. Make your life better and make the world a better place.

DON HORN, NFL-RETIRED                                                                                                                

Super Bowl Champions                                      

Member, Grid-Iron Greats                                                                                       
Collegiate All-America
The 6 Dimensions of Wellness
Through integrative health, the science of wellness, and by viewing human physiology as a whole unit we have discovered that 6 unique dimensions are vital for productive living.


When we recognize the human machine in terms of the body, mind, and spirit working in harmony from the single cell upwards to the miraculous human person, we see the importance of the 6 Dimensions: 

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual
  • our relationships
  • our environmental exposures
If we maintain balance within the spiritual, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and environmental dimensions -- our lives become better and the world around us improves.
The MOVEMENT FOR GLOBAL HEALTH forms the pathway to greater insight into wellness, expanded personalized education regarding your health, a respect for the entire human being, and an acknowledgment as to how important our world's environment is to our individual health, our communities, neighbors and the world around us. 


-Dr. Ed O.