“Together we can and will create a healthy world”   Dr. Mary Zennett, MD

The world is at a tipping point. We are very health conscious in this country so why are our chronic illness rates skyrocketing? The US has the worst health scores in all industrialized countries. And we spend the most on health care hands down. 

And people are getting sicker and sicker. Why?

Maybe we are looking at health through narrow lenses. Have you checked to see how many people drive through for fast food every day or stop at the convenient mart for an energy drink loaded with sugar?

It is estimated that 85% chronic illnesses are lifestyle related. So no matter what drug is developed it cannot change lifestyle habits. The US consistently ranks last in overall health quality in industrialized nations. Last in infant mortality and lowest life expectancy. Yet we remain world class for complex surgeries and trauma repair and recovery. So what gives?

The sobering truth is that our current health care system does not spend enough time on lifestyle issues.  If we spent more time supporting people on their road to live healthier lives, our health outcomes would be so much better.

We have learned so much from the Covid pandemic. Regardless of our choice to accept a vaccine, there is so much we need to do daily to keep our immune system and our overall health in tip top shape.

If anything, this is a perfect time to level-up our health habits!

I believe each of us needs to level up our game in 2 areas:

  1. Living a nutrient rich life
  2. Reducing exposure to environmental toxins

As we learn and make changes, we share with friends, family and neighbors. We still live in a time where our stores are full of unhealthy products.

None of us can change everything but each of us can make changes in our own lives.

And we can become more active sharing with others in a caring manner. 

I learned first hand that prayer and excellent nutrition were a winning combination. When she left this earth, she was truly at peace.

My high school years shaped me as well. As a Freshman, I was very shy and decided I needed to do something about it and joined the debate team. I crawled on my hands and knees for awhile but got the knack of it and was soon winning awards in second-fourth year of high school. I am not sharing this to brag, actually to share that I had quite a limitation and turned it into a passion. We debated public policy and my mind was attuned to solving problems like world hunger and fluently debated US policy issues. My love for public policy remains strong. 

As an MD psychiatrist of 35 years I learned to care for each person. As a child psychiatrist we were trained to evaluate the whole child. Many hours were spent in multidisciplinary fashion brainstorming strategies and ideas to best help the child and their family.

To my dismay by  the early 90’s those days were long gone. Psychiatry had been relegated to 15 minute medication checks. It did concern me greatly that the only quiver in our arsenal was medication. And labels. I remember telling kids ‘you are more than a label’, you are not Bad, you are more than ADD. There was no tolerance of exploring diet or other holistic modalities. 

When it comes to health, I see so much that the public is not aware of, by and large. I founded Movement For Global Health to help fill in some of the gaps. There are tremendous Functional Medicine practitioners in the US and around the world. Yet so many people do not even know what Functional Medicine is. 

We offer a reasonably priced Health Survey to do a personalized assessment and point people in a direction of better health. That might mean, better energy or sleep, more stable mood. We are not a clinic. We are exploring lifestyle changes that can be beneficial. It is stated that 85% chronic illnesses can be well managed with lifestyle changes. Of course a person needs to be under the care of a trained physician. What we are offering is education and consultation. We do not cure, treat or mitigate disease. Our goal is to help you enhance the quality of your life.

There are public policy issues that need to be addressed as well and I hope to bring those to your attention. And keep our hearts open to all the health challenges in the world today. None of us can fix all the world’s problems but the more educated we are the more proactive and empowered we can be. 

I hope you gain great value from your time with us here at Movement For Global Health. 

To Your Best Life!

Dr Mary Zennett

Here at Movement For Global Health our mission is to help you stay healthy

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...live in a state of balance in mind, body, and spirit living harmoniously with natural law and holistic science. Today is the day you should begin to live, prosper, grow, to strengthened your mind, to enhance your physical empowerment -- and to awaken to the fullness of health and wellness.

We want to empower you to envision a health system that work optimally for all of us.

Our goal is to educate and empower you to live your best life- and together we will create a healthy world.
~ Dr. Mary Zennett, MD 

Excerpts Published in: The Act Of Connection: 365 Days of Insperational Quotes by Entrepreneurs Business Owners, and influencer by Robert Jones and Orly Amor, GMCP (January 27, 2022)