Nutrition: Learn "How" to Eat

Make Your Meals More Enjoyable
  • First of all, avoid very cold food and ice-cold-beverages as it can cause additional mucous and sludge in your digestive system. 

  • Sit down to eat. Avoid working while eating.

  • Slow down the speed of your meals. Try to make your eating experience last for at least 20 minutes.
  •  Keep any conversation light and and relaxed.
Not So Fast !
Avoid or significantly reduce fast foods, drive-through restaurants, foods that have been prepared ahead of time and which have been sitting in a heating area for an extended period of time (cafeteria food, buffets, etc.).


If you see a fast-food drive-thru... DRIVE ON BY!

Specific Needs - Specific People
No two individuals have identical cellular and nutritional needs. "One size DOES NOT fit all".  It is very important to determine what your cellular needs are for both physical body and psychological mind. 


We can identify your specific and unique needs for "fueling the system" through the 
HealthCORE Whole Person-Whole Systems Analysis. Please visit our "products page" for more information. 


Toxic Breathing
An aspect of holistic and integrated wellness incorporates the science of “lipo-mucoids”. It is important to understand “mucoid-sludge”. It is likely that most individuals have heard of mucous, cholesterol or phlegm. This substance is of particular interest to health and well-being or the opposite – illness and disordered health. Substances can exist within the human machine that contain mucous, sticky fatty deposits, unprocessed and undigested particles, toxic components that the body can’t break down and sludge resulting from exposure to certain poisonous or contaminating elements.  
Toxic Circulation
Unified-Field Medicine, vedic science and experts in  integrative wellness (S.R., N.L., R.S., all MD's)  call this collection of sludge “ama”.  Lipo-mucoids, or ama, is also called tau proteins which is discussed in the works relating to the findings and discussion of Dr. Aloysius Alzheimer MD [1864-1915] and Dr. Dale Bredensen. Again, these substances - “lipo-mucoids” or mucoid-sludge, stick to the inside of organs, muscles, the brain and blood vessels. It can include excess cholesterol and fatty lipids within the body as well. Excess “lipo-mucoids” can easily contribute to illness, chronic disorder and premature aging. They can also contribute significantly to aging and erosion within the brain such as dementia-related conditions.   
Environmental Toxicity
Reducing lipo-mucoids (sludge) in the body and mind (yes, the brain is affected as well as the lung and heart) is why we emphasize proper nutrition, adequate exercise and movement, as well as proper rest and removing toxins from the human structure.  

This includes the impact of environmental exposures... the harmful compounds to which we come in contact.

When your "pipes" are free from sludge, deposits, and residue -- your mind, body, activity level, thinking and general appreciation for life vastly improves.